A brief interlude

IMGP2184I got a chance to travel to Florida this weekend to a friend’s wedding, a long-time compatriot from my newspaper days. She was the matron of honor at my second wedding (or third, depending on how you count it), and I’m the godmother of her first son. That being said, we haven’t been closely in touch for years, though we do manage to have a face-to-face at least once every couple of years.

Florida is beautiful and sunny in May, though the temperatures were considerably higher than I was used to, after a long winter in the IMGP2180frozen Northlands. The wedding itself took place on the beach in Melbourne. Both the bride and groom wore white–before Memorial Day! *fans self*  Most of my lady friends in the South would have fainted dead away. It was short and sweet, and the view was delightful. The ceremony was followed by a small but energetic reception with some of the best food I’ve had in awhile–jerk IMGP2181chicken, reggae shrimp and this lovely cake:

I also fit in a trip to my dear friend Edde’s in Fort Pierce, where we had lovely weather except for the last night, when IMGP2190some serious dark clouds rolled in over the ocean, dragging thunder and lightning with them. But we still had a nice visit. She was feeling a good deal better than she had been in December, when last we visited, so that was something to be grateful for.

Little Miss spent the weekend with her dad, which I hope did them both some good. Certainly a little “me” time was appreciated. And of course, nothing says Florida like this:IMGP2172

Not something you see every day….




Novelist heaven? I has it

What have I been up to? Wrapped in Clan Elves promotion– check out the Clan Elves site for all the news! Here’s a picture from the latest booksigning:

Add to that my daughter getting married, and all the out of town relatives in and out, on top of catching up with home and office after being gone for three weeks.

Oh, and Little Miss decided it would be a great thing to break her ankle. Poor thing, she crawled in from outside on her hands and  knees, saying she broke her foot.  She “slipped” and she “heard it snap.” We were like, oh come on now, you probably just twisted it, and put some ice on it. Well, the next morning, she was still in a lot of pain. This from a kid who hardly expresses a squeak when she’s got strep. So we packed her up with a sigh and hauled her to the doctor. Sure enough. Broken growth plate. Huzzah.

So she has a lovely purple cast, for 12 more days. With any luck, we’ll all survive. 🙂

And I’m madly editing Volume Two of the Elf series… Life isn’t too bad.