Tourney for the Journey

My daughter is the Director of Residential Programs for Sierra Nevada Journeys, an environmental camp just off Lake Tahoe in Reno, Nevada. They’re running a fund- raising contest, and I wanted to share it with you, because I know many of our special kids are so deep into nature, we’d all like to go. It’s a fun way to contribute to a special cause and win prizes, even more so if you know squat about basketball! (which I don’t!)

Here’s Beth’s letter:

Sierra Nevada Journeys’ 2nd annual “Tourney for the Journey” is on! This is an exciting time for both NCAA Basketball and for helping to make a difference in the lives of youth. “Feeding two birds from one seed” as our kids like to say. We couldn’t be more excited about the progress SNJ has made in its short 15 month history. In 2007 we served 620 students with nearly 18,000 student-education hours. We gave out nearly $5,000 in scholarships in a range of residential and in-school programs and our growth has been supported by more than 50 volunteers providing over 5,000 hours of contributed effort. We’re now at a permanent staff of four and just two weeks ago we served our 1000th child. All of this has been made possible because of people like you who realize that they have the power to transform kid’s lives.

Like last year, this year’s “Tourney for the Journey” allows you to fill out an NCAA tournament bracket then watch how your selections do … all with the opportunity to win prizes! With the proceeds collected we’ll be able to offer scholarships to underserved students and keep our program fees affordable. One of the organization’s top priorities is ensuring that students from a wide variety of backgrounds have the opportunity to experience the outdoors, science enrichment, and leadership programming.

It’s easy to participate in the event, just follow the two steps below:

Step 1: Make Your Picks & Donate

Go to the Tourney Site and click on the basketball icon to register for the Tourney, make your selections, and donate. Make all selections before 9am (Pacific Time) on Thursday March 20th.
Suggested donations:

$25 for one entry … $45 for two entries … $10 for each additional entry per house-hold (it costs approximately $75 for a student to attend our 5-week after-school science, leadership, and rock-climbing program). (Note: if you’d rather not participate in the tournament, no worries! You can still Donate via the above link through Paypal or with a credit/debit card)

Step 2: Follow Along With the Action!

Once the tournament starts, go back to the Tourney Site to check on how your teams are doing. Prizes include:
*Outdoor Adventure Pass good for one of more than 80 experiential adventures around the country!
* $100 REI Gift-Card
* National Parks Annual Pass
All participants will automatically be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a print from locally renown Reno artist Nanette Oleson, who paints idyllic scenes of the Sierra and western Nevada. The last-place entrant will receive a “Reno, Envy” t-shirt. (Get it? Reno…N.V.?? They’re so clever…)

Choose quickly and good luck everyone!!


By the way, I’m the guest blogger today on the Special Needs Parent blog–come by and check it out!