Making a place your own

Now that I’ve retired, I’m probably living in the last home I’ll ever own. It’s a mobile home, so most of the “decorating” is dictated by what’s built in and where, but we’ve added touches, etc.

But over the years, one of the things I have truly enjoyed is moving into somewhere new, whether it was a new home or a new office for my law practice. There’s something about taking an empty space and envisioning the possibilities that I just love. (not the packing up and moving OUT, btw. Just the new moving in).

So now that I drive Little Miss to her employment prep classes every day at Mission biltmore bldgHospital in downtown Asheville, I’ve noticed this small building on the corner.

It’s not for rent that I know of, and I’m certainly not looking to open a new office. But it’s just cute. I love the slanted windows and can just imagine filling them with an assortment of plants, creating a healthy and happy working environment. Even living on the left side and officing on the right? Could be very convenient, and a lock between the two would certainly make it safer than my last office, which was in my home. (Only one bullet hole in the windows, a potential bomb threat in a manila envelope,  and a dead deer in the front garden. Not too bad for 15 years.)

What about you? Do you enjoy transforming an empty space into one you’ll love to be in? Or is moving just another task of drudgery? Share the pictures and spaces you’ve loved–and hated.


2 thoughts on “Making a place your own

  1. There is magic for me in a new space! However, my terror at the prospect of sorting, pitching, downsizing, packing and moving is holding me back right now! After being with Studley for over 10 years, we have decided to move in together (didn’t want to rush). Combining households, getting rid of MOST of our possessions, and going for a much lighter, smaller, footprint is overwhelming. We are discussing details – how many bedrooms, what to keep, what to donate… and slowly i’m starting to get through the angst of the ‘letting go’ and will be able to embrace the freshness and excitement of a new space. But for now? What to do with so. many. books…. 🙂

    • I’ve slowly donated about three bookshelves of books….but it’s so painful!!! Glad to hear things are going forward for you…. 🙂

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