What I did on my summer vacation

Remember those corny writing assignments we always had to do at the beginning of school every year? Our local schools don’t start until the first week of September, but it sure feels like it’s coming down to the wire!

So what did we do this summer?

Little Miss has been content to spend quiet time in the apartment, alternating with periods of sitting in the grass outside communing with nature. Since my chronic pain/fibromyalgia has been in flare mode the past several months, that’s been fine CCI08152015_0000with me. However, she did go to her first sleepaway camp, and completed a week away from home very successfully! She didn’t try everything that was available, but did learn about archery and came home with a whole box of arts and crafts. So proud of her.

We also traveled south, as we usually do, making stops in Asheville and Pensacola. We’d hoped to be moving to Asheville this year, but a number of factors combined to put it off again.

Little Miss has a National Parks Passport that she likes getting stamped at important places, so we kept an eye open for these opportunities. We IMGP2194found one on the way south at Friendship Hill, PA. where she learned about Albert Gallatin, a Secretary of the Treasury who bought one of the best real estate deals in American history–the Louisiana Purchase.

IMGP2195We also enjoyed the grounds of his beautiful home.

Asheville was a delight, as always We picked up the Z-Man (grandchild number 9) and took him along for a week of fun and sun in the Panhandle with the other cousins.

My Pensacola daughter, who’s a local teacher, took us to the Gulf Islands National Seashore, where we visited Fort Pickens.  (More on this in my next post!)

IMGP2200We also had plenty of down time to enjoy the backyard pool, with grandchildren #s 3,5,and 6. Because the girls were so busy with activities, I got to spend more time with Ethan, which was really nice. DSCN0934Tween boys can be standoffish and hard to talk to some times, but he was sweet and really helpful. Meg threw a birthday party for Emma, in the form of a carnival, with games and tickets to win, that was an amazing stretch of creativity and fun for all, despite the 90-demma2egree temperatures. My contribution? A watermelon basket.

Emma also participated in a gymnastics demo, which was almost too much for my camera speed. For someone with such long legs, she’s DSCN0958very flexible!  What a talented bunch of family I have!