Making the utilitarian into something beautiful: Read Between The Signs

If you find yourself driving along Interstate 79 between Erie and Pittsburgh someday, you’re invited to stop off in Meadville for a unique sort of art exhibit: Read Between the Signs.

read bet the signs 003 The first line you’ll notice, just a few blocks east of the Interstate, is a beautiful garden of giant flowers created from discarded road bet the signs 002

They’re right in front of the PENNDOT parking lot, so there’s room to pull off the road and thoroughly admire them.

The project comes from the Arts and Environment Initiative, and artist/Allegheny College professor Amara Geffen. She and her students have been the primary constructors of the flowers and accompanying 1,200-foot panel that stretches along US 322 since 2002.

read bet the signs 008

The 3-D sculpture reflects many local landmarks like the Kepler Project, the County court house and also events like the Crawford County Fair and the Thurston Classic balloon celebration:

read bet the signs 009

There’s no cost to stop and view the exhibit, either at the PENNDOT lot or at the shopping center lot across the street, so it’s a great way to add a little color and repurposed, recycled art into your day!

read bet the signs 013

For more information on how the project expanded beyond the flower garden, see Amara Geffen’s discussion here.

read bet the signs 001

So stop by and enjoy!