Over the hump

Finally, the meat of our journey–the beautiful state of Montana:

Our first glimpse of the Rockies…. but not the last.

This is just north of Missoula in the Mission Mountain Range.




Coming up to Flathead Lake  , the largest freshwater in the West. It stretched on for miles–beautiful!!




This is a shot from downtown Kalispell, where we drove through on the way north to Whitefish and eventually Glacier National Park. It’s a nice little town–and we found some delicious rotisserie chicken for dinner at the local COSTCO.

One of the many small mountain lakes all around the Hungry Horse Dam.  Little Miss got her National Parks passport stamped here and several other places across the country. She’s been very interested in the whole travel scenario.

Oh and also in collecting Pokemon cards in the current McDonalds promotion. I never saw a kid eat so many Happy Meals in a week…

 Finally our northernmost point, Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. It’s the kind of place you just want to take a picture every minute, sure that’s the best thing you’ll see. We pulled over the RV and had a picnic right by the side of the lake–awesome!!

More pictures, especially about the Montana Vortex and other places around Whitefish coming on the Clan Elves pages in the next week.

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