Start off with a crash, end up with a bang… *sigh*

Well the road trip didn’t go quite as well today as we had hoped it would. We covered the agreed amount of territory, and are ensconsed safely in a KOA near South Dakota. We had dinner, and all the hookups seem to work. Huzzah for that.


(thanks for the graphic depiction)

Before we got four blocks from our last night’s stay, someone ran us up on a curb, jarring loose the clip that held the cabinet doors for our glassware in place, and it came crashing out all over the floor. Little Miss nearly had a heart attack. So that was the morning excitement.

Then in the afternoon, after we filled up with gas–at which time I nearly had a heart attack, filling a 40+ gallon tank!!– when I pulled away from the pumps, the back of the motorhome caught on the concrete post and ripped open one of the compartment doors. Then Chase nearly had a heart attack, because she’d just finished saying how she didn’t want to be the first to ding the motor home. GOOD CALL. YOU WIN. Oy.

SO we fixed it with–say it all together now– DUCT TAPE.

Hopefully it will hold till we can get it somewhere and get a new door on it. But for tonight, we’re busy gnawing the cork out of the bottle of merlot since we forgot a corkscrew. So a little extra fiber will do us good. More adventuring tomorrow. Can’t wait. right?


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