On the road again, books in hand

So I’ve started the latest book/research tour which will focus on the western end of Montana, where we’ll learn about the Montana vortex, which will figure largely in volume four of the Clan Elves of the Bitterroot series, and also attend a booksigning at Fact and Fiction in Missoula June 23 from 10-1.

But there’s obviously a bit of space between here and there, and my friend Chase and I are learning the skills needed to pilot this motorhome on the roads of America. Here we are at my sister Shawna’s house (yes the famous gardening speaker and expert)  just outside Chicago:

Okay, so maybe it’s cheating, making your first stop someone’s house instead of the open wilds, but it worked for us. 🙂

The day today was beautiful and we spent most of it at the Shedd Aquarium downtown. (Insert prayer of thanks here that I don’t have to drive in Chicago ever. Huzzah.) The Shedd is right on Lake Michigan, and Little Miss had great fun taking pictures of the city skyline and the water. We attended the beluga whale/dolphin show and a 4-D movie taken from the Planet Earth show on Discovery, as well as their new Jellies exhibit:

 I could have spent all day in that section. It reminded me of the one at the Monterey Bay aquarium.  How mesmerizing and calming that pulsating action is!

Dinner, of course was that famous Chicago deep dish pizza, amazing and delicious.

On to the Dakotas tomorrow if all is well. Considering us two gals haven’t ever driven a monster like this before, I’m a little proud that we’ve managed to get the hang of it.  Little Miss has gotten very comfortable in the “vehicle” as she calls it–the two days before we left, she stayed in it almost all day, coloring and just hanging out.

But just to show she gets out, too, here she is with her cousin Sammie outside the Shedd in the Children’s Garden:

and also inside the sub in the play area downstairs:

And lastly I’ll leave you with the picture of some spider crabs we took in a creepy cave setting. More pictures from the road tomorrow!!






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  1. Totally loved having you come out and visit. WOOT! Thanks for visiting. “famous gardening speaker and expert” – ba ha ha ha ha ha ha! That’s funny.



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