One day, five hours and counting!

It’s almost that time!  Plot? CHECK. Outline? Check. Characters? Check. Now what….

Order coffee. from the Coffee Maven in Chicago–she’s got a special NaNoWriMo blend : Here’s what she says…The coffee will be the Coffee of the Month from  Starting Tuesday, November first, the Coffee of the Month is Harvest Blend, a surprisingly bold and flavorful coffee, perfect for firing up brain cells for early morning typing sprees.  It’s also excellent with cream and sugar for late night word wars.
If you’d rather skip the books, go straight to  Go to the “Buy Coffee” page and you’ll see “Nanowrimo High Test,” a high caffeine coffee sure to boost your writing to the next level.  Any one ordering a roast (about 18 ounces) of “Nanowrimo High Test” will also receive and extra ½ roast bag for no extra charge. That’s right, 9 ounces of coffee for FREE!  Better yet, if you’d rather try a different coffee, order any coffee on the website and after working your way through the shopping cart to the last page, type “Nano” under “Instructions to Merchant” before hitting the “Pay Now” button (or drop me an email through the website’s contact page).  I’ll add a half roast of Nanowrimo High Test to your order for no extra cost.   That’s it.  Order coffee, let me know you’re a fellow Nanowrimo participant, and get an extra ½ roast of coffee for FREE.
Please stop by and pick-up your FREE COFFEE.  It’s a great way to keep those words flowing.
Good luck and keep writing!

And this is incredible coffee.

Got the laptop powered full, got Jethro Tull picked out as preliminary soundtrack, got my court schedule whittled down for the week…

I think it’s a go!!


3 thoughts on “One day, five hours and counting!

  1. Babs I’ve secretly wanted to do this for a while. I have an idea in my head but haven’t been able to put my head down and get going. Can I do this? I’ll check out the website now.

    • You can absolutely do it! just sign up and let her rip!! it’ll be great to see you. 🙂 babs On Sun 10/30/11 8:04 PM , “”

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