One day, five hours and counting!

It’s almost that time!  Plot? CHECK. Outline? Check. Characters? Check. Now what….

Order coffee. from the Coffee Maven in Chicago–she’s got a special NaNoWriMo blend : Here’s what she says…The coffee will be the Coffee of the Month from  Starting Tuesday, November first, the Coffee of the Month is Harvest Blend, a surprisingly bold and flavorful coffee, perfect for firing up brain cells for early morning typing sprees.  It’s also excellent with cream and sugar for late night word wars.
If you’d rather skip the books, go straight to  Go to the “Buy Coffee” page and you’ll see “Nanowrimo High Test,” a high caffeine coffee sure to boost your writing to the next level.  Any one ordering a roast (about 18 ounces) of “Nanowrimo High Test” will also receive and extra ½ roast bag for no extra charge. That’s right, 9 ounces of coffee for FREE!  Better yet, if you’d rather try a different coffee, order any coffee on the website and after working your way through the shopping cart to the last page, type “Nano” under “Instructions to Merchant” before hitting the “Pay Now” button (or drop me an email through the website’s contact page).  I’ll add a half roast of Nanowrimo High Test to your order for no extra cost.   That’s it.  Order coffee, let me know you’re a fellow Nanowrimo participant, and get an extra ½ roast of coffee for FREE.
Please stop by and pick-up your FREE COFFEE.  It’s a great way to keep those words flowing.
Good luck and keep writing!

And this is incredible coffee.

Got the laptop powered full, got Jethro Tull picked out as preliminary soundtrack, got my court schedule whittled down for the week…

I think it’s a go!!

Fairies and wizards and elves, oh my!

A few weeks ago, one of my long-time readers and good fans of the Clan Elves series stopped in  while on vacation, bringing me inspiration for more fantasy work:

I’ll add this to the brown wood elf cookie jar and the other pieces slowly trickling in. Pretty soon my office will be a whole fantasy forest! Thanks Lynn and Jon!!

A day in the Steel City

We drove out of the rain in our little city, south to Pittsburgh for several items of business. First, our panel discussion and booksigning at the Penguin Bookshop in Sewickley. We pulled together a group of authors from the western end of the state: Gene Ware, Cindy Lynn Speer, Sharon Donovan, Kathy Otten, Gloria Clover, Carole Waterhouse and me. We had a very interesting conversation with Maryanne Eichorn about the relationship between small press authors and indie bookstores, and the path to publication each of us had followed.

Sunset along Shiloh Street, Mount Washington

Then on to the rest of the day, taking pictures for the upcoming book trailers for CONVICTION OF THE HEART and SECOND CHANCES, since they’re both set in the city. The Cabana Boy and the kids took a trip down to Carson Street to explore the collectible toy shop and score a couple of Transformers.Here’s a few of the shots that struck me.

Since CONVICTION OF THE HEART is about a Pittsburgh attorney who defends and protects a battered wife of a city councilman, I expect our trailer will feature the courthouse and court rooms. Suzanne Taylor is a family law attorney and single mother who encounters a city police lieutenant interested in her. He’s just been promoted and finding the “joys” of supervisor status not exactly what he’d anticipated: bureaucratic delays, rebellious personnel, financial juggling.

But they find consolation and challenge in each other, while the danger escalates when the      councilman strikes back.  

And Pittsburgh is an attractive city, as well. Although the traffic is something we’re not used to, and neither of us were pleased to deal with.  Not sure exactly what events were going on last night, but there were reroutings and traffic jams and construction blockages everywhere! Also a lot of loud, rowdy folk traveling in Anderson buses, wearing Steelers’ gear:

Pittsburgh is a great place to set stories. I’ve got two novels about women lawyers coming out in the next year, and I think I’ll continue that trend in years to come. We can populate the city courthouse with many memorable ladies to come. 🙂

Love–it’s for everyone. So is marriage. Equal rights, too.

It’s National Coming Out Day. Celebrate the unique and diverse in all of us. Whether we love dark chocolate or milk chocolate, have red hair or blonde, love men or love women, we are who we are, and we’re born this way.


Also on topic today, my flash fiction story “Personally” that came out at Every Day Fiction. If you have just a few minutes, that’s enough to check it out.

Let’s all do what we can today to empower each and every one of our brothers and sisters to be who they are, shall we?

Our newest creation

Yes, yes, I know I haven’t posted here as often as I’d like–hopefully you’ve missed me! The good news is I’ve been doing substantial amounts of writing-related work, which is a good thing! The latest venture is this little bit of video, a book trailer for my first published novel, The Elf Queen. A book trailer is supposed to be like a movie trailer, giving enough of the story to entice folk to come see/read my book. (and hopefully the rest of the series!)

So what did you think? Is it exciting? Suspenseful? Must you go buy the book at Amazon right now? Okay, if you must. Pssst:  pass it on…  🙂

Also, come visit blogs around the country where I’m posting, as Lyndi, on the subject of writing, reading and life:

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and today and Friday with The Greater Fort Worth, Texas Writers, on connecting with readers. Leave a comment on Monday’s or Friday’s post and be entered into a drawing for a free copy of The Elf Queen!