Is it me, or…?

So Doctor Doo-Be-Do goes to take his shower last night and comes down with his hair just not right. The Cabana Boy checks his hair, which does not smell like it’s been washed. He admits he didn’t use the dandruff shampoo BECAUSE IT’S BEEN EMPTY FOR OVER A WEEK. (arrgh.)

So then he says he used the Dove for Men…which is clearly marked body wash, not shampoo. So Dad sends him back up to wash again.

He comes back with his hair all flowery smelling, and the Cabana Boy asks him what he used. Country Chic, he says–clearly marked shower gel.

(Do they not teach teenaged boys to read???)

(Especially this child who has his nose in a book half the time???)

So he has to go back up, with a bottle marked shampoo IN HAND this time.

Comes down, all is well.

So when he gets ready to go to bed, I remind him to brush his teeth. “With the toothpaste. Not the hair cream. Not the antibiotic cream. Not the itchy cream in a tube.”

And he growls at me all the way up the stairs.

What? Wasn’t I being helpful???


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