Is it me, or…?

So Doctor Doo-Be-Do goes to take his shower last night and comes down with his hair just not right. The Cabana Boy checks his hair, which does not smell like it’s been washed. He admits he didn’t use the dandruff shampoo BECAUSE IT’S BEEN EMPTY FOR OVER A WEEK. (arrgh.)

So then he says he used the Dove for Men…which is clearly marked body wash, not shampoo. So Dad sends him back up to wash again.

He comes back with his hair all flowery smelling, and the Cabana Boy asks him what he used. Country Chic, he says–clearly marked shower gel.

(Do they not teach teenaged boys to read???)

(Especially this child who has his nose in a book half the time???)

So he has to go back up, with a bottle marked shampoo IN HAND this time.

Comes down, all is well.

So when he gets ready to go to bed, I remind him to brush his teeth. “With the toothpaste. Not the hair cream. Not the antibiotic cream. Not the itchy cream in a tube.”

And he growls at me all the way up the stairs.

What? Wasn’t I being helpful???

And in other news…

We had a busy end to the summer in addition to the drama over the captain.

Little Miss entered the purple zinnias she planted in the spring into the county fair and took second place! It’s the highest she’s placed, and she was thrilled.

K and her family were here fair week, which was fun, because she got to take Lexi and Z to see our huge fair (well at least it’s exciting for this small town…). We ate the obligatory Nick’s Italian Sausage, and fried pickles and garbage fries…hmm. A lot of fried in there. I think there were definitely some tums in there too.

But yum.

Of course at the fair we had to ride some rides, and Little Miss and Z particularly liked the carousel:

We also had to play some games–Z won a shark!

All in all it was a great visit that went much too fast. I will point out, however, that even though we had two future chefs in the house, everyone wanted to eat MY cooking.

We had tomato pie, Mexican food, fresh bagels with tomato and basil…all sorts of goodies.  We also gave Z the Cars quilt we made for his new room. K took Z and the kids out to see the fish at Pymatuning. All this, AND Chucky Cheese? Wow. I think we all crashed afterward.

Have you ever seen the fish at Pymatuning? Over by the Spillway, a host of giant carp live, and people throw bread to them, their sucking mouths gobbling it up–unless the ducks walk on top of them and grab it first. Yes, they’re that thick. Here’s a video someone else took: