Hoping for balance

Amid the crises of the last month, accomplishments have also been made.  I’ve finished the third volume in  the Clan Elves series, and copies are circulating among a few lucky readers for comments.

I’ve received an offer for my science fiction novel TRIAD, a story of three women on the edge of space who are enemies, but find they have to work together to survive.

I’ve scored a couple of teaching gigs, both with Pennwriters in August and with the Young Voices’ Foundation in September. I’ll even be a guest at the Context 24 conference in Columbus, Ohio at the end of August.

Meantime, sales of the three books I have out already are going well–check out this wonderful review for THE ELF CHILD from John  Clark at TCM Reviews! http://www.tcm-ca.com/?p=9007

So…just have to focus on the good things and not let the hard ones overwhelm me. Right? Oh, and also not MELT in the heat…