There goes the neighborhood…

We are always trying to find the solution to Little Miss’s language delay/receptive and expressive language issues, and tonight we launched ourselves into one that might work. It might even work before we all go mad, too.

This year, she’s taken a deep liking, dare we say LOVE, to two things: singing and the show Glee. She relates to the kids being in school, but most importantly, she loves the singing. She sings every song, or tries to. Mostly tries to. She’s got pretty good pitch, but she struggles greatly with the words.

The Cabana Boy, in a moment of brilliance, came home tonight with this:

Karaoke– the music to sing with and WORDS. Words right there on the screen, with emphasis and rhythm and everything you need to score points. And she loves to score points.

She couldn’t wait to get the thing open and into the game player. She waited, bouncing up and down with the microphone in her hand while her dad hooked up all the details and set the sound levels. And reset them. And reset them, because she likes the microphone CLOSE.

But before too long, she was belting out the tunes of her Glee heroine Rachel, filling the room with music–and words. Granted, it’s an artificial structure. Life doesn’t come with a soundtrack or captions, but every bit of practice moves her a little closer to that snap-snap delivery of other girls her age. And she just looks so damn cute doing it.

So I’ll leave you with a song from Glee, and Rachel, and enough inspiration for all of us who don’t stop believing:

3 thoughts on “There goes the neighborhood…

  1. We just got into glee. Its pretty awesome that she’s diggin that game. We still tell people about the boys dancing to Michael Jackson. Hilarious.

  2. I don’t know what you’re talking about. My life totally has a soundtrack and breaking out into song at random moments. 🙂

    She will have so much fun with that game.

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