The cost of free speech; don’t forget it!

Scary-looking scene, isn’t it? Tear gas flying, protesters running in fear? Soon after this would come the shooting that killed innocent bystanders. But this didn’t happen in some crazy dictator-run country abroad. This happened in a small town in Ohio, on the campus of a state university.

Forty-one years later, we find the world is still full of unrest, people wanting to express themselves over the acts of their government…still being shot for their demonstration.

May 4, 1970 is a day that has a special meaning to those of us who attended Kent State University, even if we weren’t there on that day, as my stepmother was. The picture above is from the May 4 Archive of J. Gregory Payne, who has collected video and other information about the events of that time. Take a moment on his site and familiarize yourselves with the history of a turbulent time in American culture when young people felt empowered to speak out about a government that was not serving their needs.

 Then look at today’s news of countries around the world where young people are feeling brave enough to express themselves and demonstrate against their governments. Keep them in your prayers.

Then look at the young men and women who are serving in our armed forces to help not only Americans, but people everywhere, to be able to hope for democratic movement in their lands. Keep them in your prayers, too.

We should all be able to safely speak our own truths and work toward a free government. Pray that it will be so.

2 thoughts on “The cost of free speech; don’t forget it!

  1. “Tin soldiers and Nixon’s comin’…” Wow. 41 years ago? This was a different country, wasn’t it… Never mind the fact that those protesters could spell.

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