Where’s Bob Barker when you need him?

So now here’s a pretty lame excuse for staying home to watch the NCAA basketball tourneys: male sterilization.

Yes, the trendy new way to get yourself a few days at home on the couch to watch the March Madness extravaganza is to schedule your vasectomy.

Various medical practices have pitches like:  Come in before the tournament, and come out with your vasectomy and a survival kit: coupons for free delivered pizza or other food discounts, a sports magazine, and a bag of frozen peas (for recovery, not for dinner).

(Why peas? Because they pack in real good around your stitches and help with the swelling, apparently.)

I’m all for male participation in contraception, along with spaying and neutering anything that might accidentally procreate. I guess, if it comes with a side of B-ball, who can complain?


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