Le bon temps, for sure

I paid a visit today to Little Miss’s classroom today to talk about Mardi Gras. The students were attentive and interested, even if I don’t think a lot of them understood it.  Little Miss was my Vanna White, holding up papers, showing memorabilia, and so on, but the best part were the throws. Not long ago we found a whole bag of throws buried in a closet from our trip back in 1998, with all sorts of Krewe doubloons, beads and Krewe markers. (The Geaux cups we use all the time at home.)

So we divided the bag into three sections, one to go to school with Little Miss and me, one to go to school with the Cabana Boy for his students, and a third to go to the courthouse with me, to brighten everyone’s little corner of the world. It was a delightful way to add a bit of special color to people’s lives on a dreary late winter day.

The beads also brought back some great memories from our first visit to Mardi Gras all those years ago, when myself, B and K were welcomed like family at the home of my old newspaper reporter pal Hank and his wife. Though he and Teri have moved on since Katrina in many ways–he’s now a novelist like me!– our gratitude for that visit still shines as bright as any of the gold, green and purple beads we handed out today. Happy Mardi Gras, one and all!

3 thoughts on “Le bon temps, for sure

  1. Aw. Sweet post, and thanks for the trip down memory Lane. Teri was in New Orleans over the weekend for her 21st consecutive Mardi Gras while I stayed home and minded the fort.

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