Your very own Cinderella moment!

Does this shoe fit?  Come find out February 10, 2011 at I Love Your Shoes, 900 Water Street, Meadville, PA.  Everyone whose foot fits will be entered into a drawing for an autographed copy of The Elf Queen, an urban fantasy novel  and a Clan Elves of the Bitterroot coffee mug filled with beverage delights!

From 12 to 1, meet Meadville attorney and author Barbara Mountjoy , who will be signing copies of her 2010 book THE ELF QUEEN, an urban fantasy that uses the Cinderella motif—get it before the sequel, THE ELF CHILD, debuts this spring!

ILYS will feature specials that day from 10 to 6 for you and your Valentine, with samples and prizes  from Magenta’s Tanning, 3 Gals Gourmet Shoppe, and more! Don’t miss your chance to win!  (Handsome Prince not included—sorry!)


I Love Your Shoes specializes in fabulous, affordable name-brand women’s shoes and purses, like Keds, Clarks, Easy Street, Rocket Dog, and Bella Vita. Stylish and practical purses, wallets and belts are also available. Don’t go out of town—come see what we have! For more information, contact Pam Micosky at 814-807-1407.


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7 thoughts on “Your very own Cinderella moment!

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  2. Barbara, I just looked at your blog & your book THE ELF QUEEN interests me. Also, would you consider being interviewed on my blog? With your perspective & range of interests, I think it could be an interesting conversation.

  3. How can I get a copy? Is it available on Amazon, at Borders? Or when will it become available?

    One way or another, my review of it will go both on my blog and on the Book Trolley at MuggleNet-dot-com.

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