Sunset on the Gulf Coast

 The white sands of the Gulf Coast are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen…which makes the goings-on of last summer so much more meaningful. The signs are still posted, warning of possible health dangers from leftover oil spill damage. We were, frankly, more worried about frostbite. 🙂

All the same, people stroll on the beach, look for shells, enjoy the sea air. To all appearances, everything here is much the same as it has been for many seasons.

The colors of the sunset are unusual, sharp and brilliant. To be there is a wonder in itself.


3 thoughts on “Sunset on the Gulf Coast

  1. WOW. I love the gulf coast. Destin Florida is one of my faverote areas to visit there. The most beautiful pristine white sand on earth! Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!

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