Let it…what?

 So this week it turned into December. Old Mother Nature, that little minx, popped herself in the forehead and went, “Oh WAIT! It’s supposed to snow now!”

And hence we have this week not half an inch, not an inch, but a full foot of snow, most of it arriving just last night and today.

Winter wonderland? Oh, hell, yes.

We’re not a big outdooors family, frankly, and despite all their other issues, these three younguns have the good sense to want to stay inside during a blizzard.

Except when mom makes them go outside and play so she can get material for her blog.

Yay mom!

But boys being boys, they can’t stand next to each other and a snowbank without one of them ending up in it.

Lucky Dr. Doo-Be-Do.

I’m staying inside with a latte.

Maybe we’ll go out next week.


7 thoughts on “Let it…what?

  1. Oh I am so envious. Send it this way pu-leeeeeezzzee. Maybe your goodies will arrive in time for the big thaw. LOL. Should be mailing out middle of the week. Have fun for us. We were teased with just a dusting here on Saturday.

  2. Eh/ We had a two hour delay for School Monday…another six inches…and about five more overnight last night. Snow Day! Good thing I didn’t have a lot scheduled today…

  3. WOW. I am so jealous! Seriously. We are THINKING now, about making a road trip to see the boy in February, just so we can see some snow this winter…. I saw where Penncrest is closed today on the website. Let’s hope the remainder of the winter / snow days don’t eat into the kids summer break!

  4. You should have seen Nerdbaby on his first Winter Wonderland outing. I took him out while we were at my parents’ house this last couple weeks. He fell on his face four times and then decided it was fun to make tracks. I even tried to get him to make a little snow angel, but it didn’t work so well.

  5. Looks like fun! Bet the kids had a blast.I use to like to play in the snow until I realized it made all the aches and pains worse!! Hope we don’t see any in the near future.

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