When the muse leads you to dance…

We live in the hometown of Allegheny College, which prides itself on being “a unique place where students embrace the College’s total educational experience.  Our students have the uncanny ability to create unusual combinations of interests and talents.  These “wonderfully weird” combinations enhance our students’ success here and ensure excellence in their future careers.”

This emphasis on well-rounded, Renaissance individuals brings us to last Friday night and the performance by Orchesis, the student-run dance company that put on an incredible show of dance, music and lights. While many of the students have dance training, a good cross-section are just learning to dance for the first time, for the opportunity and experience.

One of “our” international students, Xinyang Liu (affectionately known to her friends as Amber), was a participant, and we’ve been anxiously awaiting the chance to see her perform. One of her friends posted the video– complete with the enthusiastic Allegheny crowd of supporters. (Note: you might want to turn your volume down at the beginning of the video. The students are VERY enthusiastic. The dance starts about fifty seconds  in.) Our girl is about one-third of the way across from the left, with a thick ponytail. She was fantastic!

Here’s a picture of the family together afterward. Time to celebrate with muffins and pie at Perkins! (You know, that new place…)