Shades of autumn

To my mind, fall is the prettiest time of year. We may appreciate spring more, with its bursts of tulips and forsythia, after the long winter, but the colors of October are the best. Here’s a small sampling:

 This tree is in downtown Meadville, next to the old junior high school that’s now converted into low-rent apartments and some offices. 

All different shades, overlapping and next to each other:

The woods smell like smoky wet leaves underfoot, and the cool breeze is a vague reminder of the months to come.

Sometimes the trees overlay with colors, shot through by the light of the sun.

Brilliant yellows:

Then there are oranges and reds:


And sometimes all at the same time:

For all of you who’ve moved away from the North, we’ll enjoy the change of season for you. Along with the evening bonfire, the smell of wood smoke on the air, the goldenrod, sumac, and so much more. Don’t hate us– winter’s coming, after all.


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