Progress? Maybe

As Little Miss headed back to school this morning for the last year of her elementary education experience, I had to admit some trepidation on my part. She’s grown this summer, in a number of ways that I expect will impact her school year.

Physically, of course, about five inches. At 11 years old, she’s approximately 5’3″. A big change. We snuggle on the couch now side by side, definitely not with her in my lap any more.

Hormonally, as I posted earlier, as she has entered womanhood. The actual details of the “what you do when” have been incredibly smooth, thanks to her usual linear thinking; i.e., once she learns this is the process for handling something, it will always be the process, and she will follow it every time. That will work great until the day she uses all the supplies and forgets to tell me and then the world will end. But I digress…  The moody end of the hormonal thing, though, is somewhat difficult in a child who isn’t particularly aware of or interested in social “coolness.” When she feels crappy, so can everyone else. her teacher, Mrs. L. will be so pleased.  (NOT.)

Over the summer, her speech has expanded quite a bit in terms of words she will understand and use, but she has regressed into mumbling or whispery talk that makes her hard to understand. Considering how often we prompt her to have conversation, this gets frustrating for both sides on a regular basis.

On the other hand, she’s become very proficient in just handling things without words. She marked time this summer until the fair, so she could enter her bell peppers therein. If she sees a mess, she cleans it up, unlike the men of the houshold, who will gladly walk through any puddle for hours before grabbing a paper towel.  She has learned to cook some minor things, so she doesn’t have to depend on an adult. I’ve even found her trying to make coffee on several occasions, so I’ve taught her how to brew a pot correctly, before she sets herself on fire or something.

She continues to be empathetic and looks out especially well for children younger than she is. Which is good. She also doesn’t always stop and think about rules, as she showed when she decorated my other daughter’s new swingset with indelible marker last month. Oy.

Has she come a long way from “your child has permanent brain damage and won’t be able to accomplish much”? You bet. That’s exciting as heck. The rest, as with all children, I suppose, is a work in progress.

5 thoughts on “Progress? Maybe

  1. Sounds like things are going pretty well!

    Yes, they are always a work in progress aren’t they? My guy has made some huge improvements this summer too, but there are still so many IEP goals yet to master…

  2. She looks terrific. How were those first days of school? Each day is a blessing and all her growth and improvement goes to show that God had his hand in it. Praying that she will continue to grow and blossom. We love her! Memaw and Papa John

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