I love my garden!

Today we had our first big harvest from our summer garden.

We had a bowlful of sweet basil. I wish you could smell this right through your browser–it was intense and WONDERFUL:


We had a lovely panful of green beans just calling for a little ham and onion:


We had broccoli tops and green peppers:

We had full size tomatoes in a variety of colors, practically dripping with juice:

But best of all, we had a bowl of yellow cherry tomatoes, sweet and del…hey.  HEY.  What happened here?

Dang it. Not fast enough.

Happy summer, everyone!


5 thoughts on “I love my garden!

  1. I know. Nothing like the smell of those leaves! Hope you’re having a good summer, my friend! Off to Dublin for the Gaelic Storm this year?

  2. I’m so jealous! They say our tomatoes won’t come for a few more weeks, if at all. Bad season for them out here. 😦

  3. Yummy. Thw sweet smell of summertime fresh gardens. I especially love the yellow cherry tomatoes bowl…. Ummm Ummmm good my personal favorite.

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