Little Miss is now a woman…

Isn’t this a fabulous menarche goddess? I found it here. I remember the pieces we did in The Vagina Monologues about  the first time, and all the reactions mothers had–girls getting slapped, girls forced on birth control, girls given a beautiful feast and celebration with their female relatives.

But this is Little Miss we’re talking about.

She and I have had some basic conversation along this line, and I’ve tried to demonstrate for her as I could with my own few and far-between events. As I recall, her comment was, “I don’t think I like that.”

Join the club, honey.

But as evening draws to a close and she has used the proper tools for the job, as she is wont to do, the night is quiet. Four horsemen did not appear. The air did not fill with the sound of angry thunder and sharp lightning, and the earth did not split open. We had ice cream and a nice kiss for remembering to tell me when it happened.

Surely not the end of it. But an acceptable beginning.


3 thoughts on “Little Miss is now a woman…

  1. Seems crazy huh … The kids in elementary are bigger than I am … So big so fast … Good luck with that mom

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