A rainy spring day at Niagara Falls

One of “our” Chinese students will be returning home in a few weeks, and we wanted to make sure they got to see Niagara Falls before they went home. We’d cancelled one day earlier in the year for freezing temperatures and really hoped this weekend would be better. Although we had some rain, the sun was out most of the day, and we had a great visit (since most of what you do at the Falls is get wet anyway!)

Our girls with all three Falls in the background

 We dodged rain clouds for the most part, and hardly noticed as we took the Cave of the Winds tour and went up on the Hurricane Deck. That water hasn’t warmed up yet!!

Clue to the wise: those plastic ponchos do NOT provide heat.

I realized that the last time I went on this tour, I couldn’t go up on the top because K was a small girl and we thought she’d be blown off the deck.  Guess that was awhile ago, huh?

The silvery edge of the chill gave us other interesting vistas as well:

The observation tower through the mist

And even Canada seemed a little farther way, into a misty fairyland:

And here are the intrepid climbers (you notice the parents stayed down below where it wasn’t quite so wet and cold), climbing up to the very edge of the American Falls:

We’ve now been to the Falls in three seasons, spring, summer and winter–winter has some visually stunning ice formation, but it’s much too cold to be enjoyable. Summer is likely the best. All the same, the girls were happy to visit another one-of-a-kind site in America!


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