As promised, a new page

Since I’m apparently going to be a “real” writer, it’s time to unveil my new writer’s site, entitled “The Growing Works of Barbara Mountjoy.” I know I said I thought it would find a home at WordPress, but I couldn’t find a template that worked for me there. So please stop by and check it out!

The contract on the novel is on its way to me, but the publisher and I have already had extensive conversation about the very real possibility of a series to follow this novel, complete with potential plots and details. The artist is available to work this summer on the project, so perhaps some six months from now we will all be able to hold a copy of “The Elf Queen” in our hot little hands. I know I can’t wait.

Stay tuned for further good words! If you’re a writer feeling like your day will never come (like I did last week), I urge you to hang in there and keep trying. The success is even sweeter after the struggle. I promise.


3 thoughts on “As promised, a new page

  1. Congrats on the new page!! It’s been a while since I’ve visited and we’ve chatted. I like the new-to-me look here at your blog. 🙂

    Hope to catch up with you!

    Hugs, BTM

    • Thanks for coming back! I’ve looked at your place once in awhile over the year and hoped all was well and you were feeling better… 🙂


  2. WOW! A little bit thrilled? I would imagine thrilled by the bunches! Congratulations, Fantastic and good for you! Now I can see why Mondays look pretty good to you these days.

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