Tourney for the Journey!

Every year as the excitement for the NCAA basketball wars heats up, so too, does the push for fun and funding at Sierra Nevada Journeys, an environmental camp near Lake Tahoe.

My daughter B is currently Director of Community Partnerships at SNJ, having moved up through many different capacities over the years. She says, “It’s amazing to see how successful Sierra Nevada Journeys has been in such a short period of time. We attribute that success to SNJ’s ability to really address community need and meet our partners where they are.”

Clearly SNJ’s growth shows that it is a worthwhile cause, and here’s your chance to get in on the action.

For a mere few minutes of your time, you can choose your teams, just like at the office pool,  and have the chance to win fabulous prizes!

1st place will receive a travel adventure package including a $200 Southwest Airlines gift card, and a 2010 National Parks Pass
2nd place will receive a $75 REI gift card, to help fulfill athletic and outdoor aspirations
3rd place will receive a Reno themed box, including Atlantis Casino playing cards and dice, and items from Reno eNVy.

But when you donate to SNJ, this will be the real prize, because as little as $25 provides an hour of experiential classroom learning for two students. $100 could sponsor one student’s six-hour journey to understanding what a watershed is and why it’s important, and $250 could support an entire classroom of students engaging in a hands-on energy or earth science lesson. These lessons will stick with these young members of our next generation for years to come.

You don’t even have to know about basketball to win! In fact, the Cabana Boy and I came in dead last two years ago, knowing absolutely NOTHING about B-ball except how to spell it, and we won a prize for last place. This year the last place prize is a 2010 Tourney for the Journey Snuggie to keep you warm and snug after cold, hard defeat.

B’s work on the program emphasizes the effort every person on staff puts out: “Before we do anything, we ask, is this in the best interest of our students? If the answer is yes, we find a way to make it happen.”

But to do that, they need our help, too.

If you don’t want to donate cash, you may choose an item off their current wish list:

  • 30 Solar Panel Kits
  • Binoculars
  • 5 Whisperlite Stoves
  • Bus

How could you not take a chance? Support the future of a healthy environment  and a concrete gift to the youth of our country today.

(To see some photos of the camp and surrounding area, see our trip from the summer here.

If you sign up, post a comment here so I can help SNJ keep track of success rates –thanks!!)


4 thoughts on “Tourney for the Journey!

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Momma! This year someone is matching all donations, so a small $25 dollar donation turns into $50!

  2. You’re kidding! I actually did a little reading up on the NCAA before the picks but not enough for that. Wow. 🙂 Karma, I guess.

    I’m still wondering if he’s going to get the inside or the outside of the bus….

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