No wonder…

Overheard at the Ponderosa buffet line tonight:

Extremely overweight woman to small child: Do you want pudding?

Pudgy child pointing to the bowl of shiny apples: I want an apple.

Woman: No, do you want chocolate pudding or vanilla pudding?

Child: I want an apple.

Woman: Here’s some chocolate pudding.

She took him back to the table where she sat down with another woman, also extremely overweight, who was eating a plate of mashed potatoes and dinner rolls.

What’s wrong with this picture?

(After the pudding, she got him jell-o, ice cream and some kind of green smeary bits. The Cabana Boy and I kept wanting to go pick the child up and feed him some green beans.)


4 thoughts on “No wonder…

  1. Were there apples on the buffet? I can’t say that I remember ever seeing apples on a buffet line before.

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