Star author!

This weekend I found out I’d been given an award, over at the Polka Dot Banner –I’m a star author!!

This is very exciting, as it’s awarded for the books that I have posted there, including the Cup of Comfort books for Divorced Women and Adoptive Families, which each have a story of mine in them, and the divorce book I’ve written as well.

It also includes a special consideration for the fact that I support the PDB in its mission to promote writers, and acknowledgment that we all need to work together to make our careers successful. Whenever someone clicks on the PDB site, they have access to more than a hundred writers, where they can read blog posts full of great advice, search books, both fiction and non-fiction, and talk with authors on a very personal level.

It’s especially timely for me, as I have two manuscripts out for consideration with editors, one of whom has been very courteous and interested in my work, and I’m to the holding breath, biting nails stage.  So please send some good wishes my way, and celebrate with me!


11 thoughts on “Star author!

  1. Did you expect anything different? LOL. You always know how to capture your readers because of how “real” your stories are and how well you write them… We are addicted. Love your work. We are sending you best wishes and know you will do GREAT! WOOOO HOOOOO!

  2. Grats, Barb! That’s wonderful. Me, the French Boy, and Nerdbaby will keep our fingers crossed for the manuscripts.

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