I’m a dance mom!

For years, I’ve been a bit envious of all those moms with pretty little ballerinas, rushing off to dance class, watching their little angels at recitals.

My big girls tried dance, found it wasn’t for them (at least the political aspect of other girls being teachers’ pets), and went on to other endeavors. For the longest time, I’d thought dance would go the way of the Boy Scouts–once they heard the “A” word, forget about it.

But thanks to the courage of one local dance school, Movement Unlimited, Little Miss has become a dancer.

She is in a modern dance class with kids several years younger, but she’s there. Parents got to sit in this week, and she kept up with the other girls, and followed directions perfectly, unlike many of the NT girls. She even volunteered when the teacher asked for leaders, and gracefully stepped aside when the teacher chose someone who had more experience.

I hadn’t realized just how awkward movement is for autistic kids, and she does struggle with smooth transitional movement. but she is interested in the class and what she’s doing. She’s even started watching the show Shimmy, and following along. (Although when her father tried to join in, she didn’t hesitate to inform him that ‘THIS dance was for girls!’)

i’m tickled, for her sake and ours. Now I’m one of those mothers anxiously hovering outside the studio, waiting. Isn’t it grand?


3 thoughts on “I’m a dance mom!

  1. That’s great! I love ballet – always wanted to do it when I was a kid, but I think my Mom wanted to keep me a tomboy.

    It’s funny you say that about the awkwardness. Just last week at C’s gymnastics class (he’s in a class like LM – all the kids are younger, but he’s in there and doing well), another teacher there who teacher gymnastics to special needs kids approached me to say hello. She said she could tell C had autism – I figured it was b/c he was getting into the space of other kids and other social things, but she said it was because of the way he moved.

    Anyway, enjoy ballet! Before you know it you’ll be buying pink tutus and fairy wings! 🙂

  2. That is so wonderful!! It sounds like she is really enjoying herself. We’re about to try basketball for G. He had a kindergarten teacher introduce it to him as a way to make they playground experience a more structured environment. Now he really wants to play with the other second graders when the after school session starts but because he’s both younger and less coordinated, I’m so nervous for him! I want it to be the kind of experience Little Miss is having. I hope she continues to have a great time!

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