Never a dull moment

Amidst the angst and carrying-on about the children, the Captain’s travails, Dr. Doo-be-Doo getting ready for junior high, and Little Miss fighting off a nasty ear infection, we have also become “home away from home” for two young ladies from China’s Capital Normal College attending the local private college for a semester.

They don’t live with us–they live in a dorm. They’re very busy with their studies, because the school is a tough one. But we’re on call if they need something, and we’ve had dinner together–Chinese people cook very differently at their homes! We have also made a trip to Pittsburgh, to see some sights, like the Andy Warhol Museum and the Carnegie Science Center. I’m not sure any of us really “got” Warhol and his co-artists, but the Shepard Fairey exhibit with the picture of Obama, the word HOPE under him, was displayed, and that exhibit was interesting.

The Science Center has a new sports activities center that had foot racing, all sorts of bouncing, flying, VR opportunities. The Cabana Boy and the Doctor climbed the rock wall–Dad made it to the top, Boy, not so much. We do have some pictures showing Dad’s best side. 🙂

See us here on the Overlooks on Mount Washington, doing our touristy best to show off a jewel of a city:

The girls had a good time here, but what they REALLY wanted to do was stop and visit the Prime Outlets at Grove City.  I’ve promised to take them and some of their friends who traveled with them for a full day there, once the weather gets nice. I guess girls will always be girls. 🙂

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