Confessions of a nerd

Let me be up front about this: I’m more likely a Trekker than a Warsie.

That being said, we experienced a little bit of heaven this week as we first got to bring home the latest incarnation of Star Trek, a movie that goes back, long ago, to a galaxy…no wait. It’s still our galaxy. And James Kirk is a babe. And Spock is a babe. And Karl Urban is AWESOME as McCoy.

Then we finished off the month with a once-in-a-lifetime event: Star Wars in Concert. John Williams’ music is brilliant–and to hear the story narrated by Anthony Daniels in person, from the real beginning this time!–live with an orchestra. Little Miss met Princess Leia, while Dr. Doo-Bee-Do got to have the music as loud as he usually likes it. I was interested to see that there were a number of kids, like Little Miss, who brought headphones to deal with sensory issues. Pittsburgh being an autism center, though, I guess it’s not surprising.

The concert was breath-taking, every minute of it, even the Dark Side encore. Here’s a little taste:


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