So why is it…?

Why is is that all the chain groceries and other stores are posting signs all over their front windows boasting “LOWER PRICES!” and “20% lower prices!” and “Storewide lower prices” ?  We know for a fact that employee costs have gone up, with the raise in minimum wage and insurance, and the prices of products have also increased with the increase in the price of gas as well as employee costs.

So store are paying more and charging us less?

Doesn’t that cut into their profit margin?

Or is that a belated admission that they had the prices jacked up real high before the economic bad times and were ripping us off hand over fist?

Anyone hear an apology?

No, I didn’t either.


5 thoughts on “So why is it…?

  1. I dunno. At my local big chain, I look at the “lower” prices, and see they’re actually higher than the sale prices I tend to buy the items at otherwise. They may be lower than the really jacked up prices they use right before a sale, but they’re not good prices.

  2. grocery store margins are pretty tight, so i’m not sure what happened… compared to a year ago, gas/transportation costs are down a little, so that may be where they are making it up… but it should be explored on ‘unsolved mysteries’ for sure…

  3. Dee, I’m not sure the prices actually are much lower. I’m looking at the big bright signs that say they are though. Pennsylvania’s been hit hard, not as bad as Cali and the other big states, but lower prices would sure be nice.

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