Ten things I don’t care if I ever hear about again

As I’ve said before, I’m kind of a news hound. I update my world on CNN.com and other quickie sources several times a day, just to stay on top of things. When you do that, you get a lot of “popular” news, i.e., what people are searching for–mostly gossip.

One result of my scanning is that I often run across the same subjects time and again, subjects I never wanted to know about in the first place and certainly wouldn’t miss off my radar. Here, in my opinion, are the worst offenders, in no particular order:

10. Fox News — Major network news is expected to be neutral. If you’re going to slant things this far, be honest. Call yourself the conservative mouthpiece of America.

9. The Olsen twins– like all kids, they grew up.  Just with more money than the rest of us. Let them spend it in peace.

8. Ditto Paris Hilton. No one cares about your movies or your lady parts. Really.

7. The Octo-mom. If they give her a reality show they are absolutely going to justify her bad choices. Leave her to Children’s Services, because in the long run that’s where she’s going to end up.

6. Any person named Kardashian.

5. Big Brother and all those other reality shows where people get thrown together and rewarded for backstabbing, manipulating and sleeping around. One of our local attorney’s daughters was on one of those shows, and her slutty infidelity to her boyfriend was revealed for all to see. All he could do was talk about how proud he was of her to get such a great break. Ugh.

4. People who steadfastly believe that we have done nothing to permanently damage this planet’s air, water, soil and living conditions. Whether we’re talking about today, tomorrow or The Day After Tomorrow, clearly what we’ve consumed and ruined will catch up with us.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be dealing with it now instead of later?

3. Government by whoever can scream louder. (Except those British Parliament sessions. Because they’re adorable.)

2. Kanye West. For so many reasons.

1. Jon or Kate or any of the Eight. Seriously. Raising a family is hard. Going through a divorce is hard. No one needs to do either in front of a television camera. Ever.

7 thoughts on “Ten things I don’t care if I ever hear about again

  1. HA! This is one of the main reasons I haven’t had a TV since college. I didn’t even catch a few of the references and I’m okay with that. 🙂

  2. love your 10, and could probably add 10 more of my own – including Glenn Beck, dead celebrities, various addictions of the rich and famous, and any report of “who’s dating whom”. Oh, and let’s stop yakking about the sex lives of politicians and spend a little more energy on what they’re doing toward moving the country in a healthier direction….

  3. I, on the other hand, would love to hear about most of those things anytime someone tells me about them. Especially Big Brother, the more the better in my opinion. I do not however watch news or internet news so all I hear is thru the grapevine … (breaks into fun dance here)

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