I’d have a tea party, but I can’t afford the pot

So it’s been a week since my last post. One might hypothesize that I’ve been relaxing in the glow of my writer’s indulgences, and I sure wish that had been it.

Instead, I’ve been working. For nothing.

But I’m not alone in that.  All across the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania people are working every day, and not getting paid. Into the third month of the Pennsylvania budget crisis, it’s starting to hit the fan, my friends.

I remember budget holdups in recent years, and how you’d hear about this program or that getting a ding, but this time around, with the federal economic issues on top of the state folk running around yelling “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”  things just aren’t happening.

The crunch is hitting everyone. I have clients who have pulled out because they aren’t getting paid. My daughter just got her day care license, got it all up and running two weeks before the funding got put on hold for the program that paid her 2/3 of her income. I get county checks each month for the appointed cases I have–no pay. But I have to appear at scheduled court dates anyway. We’re required. Foster parents–no pay. Student grants for kids starting in September– no pay. Service providers–no pay.  Anyone who has a contract with a county agency–no pay. No pay. For three months so far and no end in sight.

Lenders and creditors are, of course, aware of the situation, but they’re all hurting from people hit by the first economic wave. It sure makes them a little nervous when you can’t send in a mortgage payment. Explaining that you may be able to send in three when your check finally does come through– not so priceless.

Of course, the legislators made sure to vote their OWN pay in, first thing. So they can sit down in Harrisburg and take their time because they’re not losing their homes and their incomes. Ridiculous! I vote that they have to share their pay among the constituents in their districts.  Make them have something at stake! I’m not alone on this one, apparently.

So meanwhile we juggle and pray a lot. I know there are a lot of folk worse off than I am, and I hope they get help soon.  But sadly, this is a case of who’s going to help the helpers?


11 thoughts on “I’d have a tea party, but I can’t afford the pot

  1. that’s completely irresponsible! as if the national economic situation wasn’t gnarly enough, these guys can’t even vote the state equivalent of a ‘continuing resolution’ (which is how the federal gov’t operates until the full budget passes congress every year)? IN-SANE!

  2. Well, love of money is the root of all evil, right? So maybe not having any will make you a better person. Yeah, I know, that was a lame attempt at a joke even for me, but while you’ve been spending your last two weeks working for free, I’ve been not sleeping thanks to the new baby. He’s cute, though. Looks like his daddy. 🙂

    They’ll get the budget passed eventually. They have to, right? I hope it gets settled soon and you get your paychecks. In the meantime, I’ll go post some more cute baby pics for you to coo over. It will make you feel better, I promise. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link! Clearly I’m with you on this. I am extremely angry that you have not been paid and find that to be UNACCEPTABLE. I am going to write another strongly worded e-mail to those yahoos that can’t get things done.

  4. Well, here in CA they are handing out IOU’s. There’s all kinds of talk about people who don’t need the money now cashing them for the people who desperately need the money and the wealthy people are gaining 3% interest… It’s crazy.

  5. Shocking and sad for everyone. I hope you are able to keep the house. I’ve seen a few in our community lose their homes due to similar issues. Not to mention the fact there are no jobs. It is spiraling down.

    All I can think of is how important it is now that we spend more time helping each other whenever we can. If you need help I can provide – I will be there – just let me know.


  6. Our house situation is very solid, thanks. But as you said, a lot of other people just aren’t that lucky. Thanks, all, for the support and offers of help. Whenever that magic wand shows up, keep me in mind! I can think of a couple other things I might need… 🙂

  7. If legislators/lawmakers at all levels, local to national, had to deal with the things they vote the rest of us to deal with, I think our country would be a lot different place. Praying for you, too.

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