Nirvana: different strokes for different folks

The end of the week spelled happiness for our household, but in such a variety of ways:

  • The Captain got to stare at cartoons for a whole morning when I was in court and couldn’t monitor.
  • The Cabana Boy continued work on a freelance project for another law office in town, creating an office computer network from the bare walls up.
  • Ditto Boy got his yearly fix of cotton candy and the Ride-a-Rama at this week’s county fair.
  • Little Miss got five rides on the carousel.
Heaven in 360 degrees

Heaven in 360 degrees

Seriously, for a child with sensory integration issues, not only does it spin, it goes up and down, and goes fast and forward at the same time? Her face just radiates bliss.

Me? I guess my part is tonight, when I have a face to face meeting with an editor who’s reviewing my latest manuscript. She’s already done a wonderful critique of another piece of my writing in connection with a workshop, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Something for everyone. What else can you ask?

This week I have a guest blog over at Imperfect Women . I certainly qualify–c’mon down and see what else these ladies have to offer!


5 thoughts on “Nirvana: different strokes for different folks

  1. What? There’s a club for imperfect women? SIGN ME UP!

    glad it was a good week! celebrate the good stuff, and when it comes in a blast of “Five”? Magic!

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    A definite great read…:)


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