Can I get fries with that?

I recently caught a look at a local car dealer’s commercial on late night television, and I could hardly believe my eyes: “Buy a car and we’ll give you a gun.”

Is there a health care town hall scheduled in our town and I didn’t know about it?

I thought maybe I’d been mistaken, so I called the dealership the next morning to ask them. Sure enough, with the purchase of a new car, you could get a brand new Mossberg 500.

Not familiar with firearms, I asked what one might use this particular gun for, i.e., was it a deer rifle or what? The salesman was suddenly very helpful, saying you can use this for deer, for turkey, for many different purposes. For home defense? I asked. “This gun is awesome for home defense,” he assured me.

The guy was extremely anxious to make an appointment to get me in there, so I explained that I’d have to get my husband’s permission (ha!) and hung up.

They must be really desperate. The cash for clunkers program aside, this is the best they can do to get people to come in? We’ll give you a $200 weapon to shoot things with? What about, “We know you’re hurting financially so we’ll give you $200 worth of gasoline so you can afford to drive your new car?” Better yet, “How about a $200 gift certificate for your favorite grocery so you can feed your children?”  Or a coupon for your pharmacy so you can afford the cost of your prescription medications?

The sad thing is, knowing the makeup of this mostly-rural, NRA card-carrying county, this will probably be a huge success. Like I’ve said before, I’ve had many abuse cases where the abuser will trade away the right to see his kids if it means he can keep his guns.

I guess my priorities are just screwed up. But I won’t be visiting the Chevy dealer any time during this promotion, or maybe any other time, either. I’d rather give my business to someone more in touch with real life.


7 thoughts on “Can I get fries with that?

  1. i remain astonished at failures in everyday logic… and this is right up there. gas? cash? food? sure… necessities. i think the fact that it provides an excuse to acquire a ‘guilty pleasure’ in bad economic times is the probable lure. “Honey, i didn’t buy another gun… it came with the car? what am i gonna do? give it back?”

  2. There used to be ads on here all the time for two different bussiness that were owned by the same man. One was a used car dealership and the other was a gun store. I don’t think he ever ran such a promotion, although it would have made sense in that case. My husband said that the gun shop/car dealer reminded him of Boss Hogg. He did, too. Big guy, white suit, cowboy hat. We were never quite sure if the ads were serious or not.

    A car and a gun. Hey, now you’re all set for a drive-by.

  3. Love your new layout.

    Scared to death of the gun bit.

    Am about to be stoned to death by my entire extended family of in-laws (which, as you know in these rural parts of PA is GINORMOUS) for standing up for national health care. God help me if they hear about this gun + car business. I’ll be dead by morning.

  4. That is unbelievable…
    Although, don’t tell my husband…he might just want to know where he can sign up.
    What is it with men and firearms?
    Thanks for the comment…

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