Why o Why Wyoming?

After the stunning day at Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, we continued the magic, as we pressed east into Wyoming’s Bighorn National Forest. The land was every bit as diverse as the website says:

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Then we also saw this interesting pyramid-looking rock called Copman’s Tomb:

wildwest trip 347

No wonder the guy wanted to be buried there–it stands out for miles!

Lost in the center of the forest is a little interpretive place for Shell Falls.  This is a beautiful area where erosion has carved away the top layers of rock, and we found that many of the rocks we saw were 300 million years old–and older! Deep in the middle is a waterfall that seemed to bring the temperature down several degrees as we stood high above the rushing water.

Shell Falls

Shell Falls

The children had fun running all along the fenced overlooks after so long in the car:

That's them...WAYYYY over there.

That's them...WAYYYY over there.

And the big ones, not so much running:

Look! It's not corn!

Look! It's not corn!

Wyoming was not what I expected at all:  some forest, some desert, some mountains, some grassy river areas, Devil’s Tower, Old Faithful….all beautiful.

We finished up this day by swinging into South Dakota to visit the presidents at Mount Rushmore. I was so proud to hear Little Miss and Ditto Boy rattle off the names of the presidents carved in the granite. Did I hear someone say it was an educational trip? Perish the thought!


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  1. Aren’t the pictures beautiful? I mean it’s all I got to see really. SOME of us had to stay behind and work, ya know. Still I’m glad she went. Seems to have recharged her. But next time I’m going!

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