From vacation to relocation?

I could live in Missoula again.


The city is now sufficiently cosmopolitan to meet my needs:  there’s a Wal-Mart and a Target. But I do prefer the north side to the south side. The storefronts and intimate settings suit me better than the big strip centers.

I think it would take me a long time to get used to the influx of casinos. some 36 in the extended area. Some of them are even attached to gas stations.  So how does that work?  Stop to fill the tank, get some milk and play $10 of slots?

The scenery is beautiful.

Mountains all around

Mountains all around

The population is diverse–from international students, to Native Americans, to many other cultures represented. The hippie movement is alive and well there. There is a strong interest in the environmental issues I also find important.

Just one hitch in the plan to pack it all up and move: the weather.

As one Montanan explained to me, they have four seasons: a brief before-winter, winter, a brief after-winter, and road construction  season.

There are serious winters there. It snows many years from Labor Day till Memorial Day– and sometimes after!

I mean there are exits all along Interstate 90 where the state can order you off the road depending on the weather. And it’s apparently not a suggestion; they have railroad-type barricades to make sure forward progress can’t be made.

What happens to the more determined? If they pass the gate, does an enormous wintry Balrog come out from under the next underpass, bellowing “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” One can only imagine.

So we might visit again someday, but as for permanent residents?  N ever again.  Beauty of the surroundings can only keep you so warm.



2 thoughts on “From vacation to relocation?

  1. Ive enjoyed watching and reading about your Adventurous road trip. Certainly put me in the mood for a road trip. I use to love to travel. Winters in Montana for me are the best! There is something wonderful about watching giant snow flakes with a soup on having the time for maybe a creative project. Driving in the snow is a whole different story. I notice the old timers here often go out and about regardless of weather report. I suppose after awhile you get use to white knuckle driving. As for casinos it really is too bad that it is a part of the Montana landscape. I was so disappointed when I arrived to see gaming such a big thing here. Sorry about the long post. It’s just nice to see familiar pictures and hear about your visits in our local area.

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