Can a story make a difference?

This week my second Cup of Comfort story came out in the book A Cup of Comfort for the Adoptive Family. In the story, I share the reason I finally went ahead and adopted the Cabana Boy’s three small children, knowing then that they had lifetime issues.adoptbookcover

Reading through some of the other stories in the book, I’m fascinated by the other journeys parents have taken to expand their families through adoption. There are thousands of ways to begin, no matter if the endings are the same–the creation of bond between parent and child.

The editor describes the book like this:

It takes a loving and caring couple to bring an adopted child into their home. And every year, thousands of couples make room in their homes—and their hearts—for these special children. This story collection celebrates the individuals and families who experience these feelings firsthand. From first-time parents, anxiously awaiting the phone call that their little one has arrived to a single woman who crosses the Atlantic to find her heart’s child, this inspiring collection will touch every person who picks it up. The newest volume from the beloved and bestselling Cup of Comfort® series is sure to resonate with the thousands of happy couples who adopt children every year—and those looking to become mothers and fathers.

I pray the stories in the book provide hope for those still seeking their forever families, on both ends, and reassure those who have gone through the process that all will be well, even if the road isn’t always flat and pleasant. All of us need to be reminded of this from time to time.

When I do adoptions at our local courthouse, the president judge always takes a moment to give a little homily to the adopting parent. He points out that this is a selfless act, that it is something that said parent doesn’t have to do– to take on someone else’s responsibility and make it their own. He commends them for their care and attention, and wishes them well in their new life.

The stories here do the same. If you know someone who is experiencing the many emotions, heartaches and joys of the adoption process, this book might be just the thing to put them at ease.


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