Tag–you’re it!

Every once in awhile, when I’m examining this blog, to see what I have to offer, to determine what else I could add to make the site more useful, I read over my tag cloud.

I know that WordPress assigns the size of the words depending on how often you use the tags. So clearly autism reigns pretty supreme in its spectral variants. But if the reader were to take the combinations line by line, there are some “truths” to be found.

Take for example, “therapy TSS” or “autistic blog.” Given. “Prize publish publishing”? For a writer, not a big leap. “NaNoWriMo” is a real “mother.”

“Obama” has “novel” ideas, certainly. “Lawyer” between “internet” and “marriage” is an interesting juxtaposition.

“Asperger’s” NEEDS a line of its own. (and probably prefers one, if truth be told). “ADD agent”?  So that’s what’s skulking around the secret corners of my life!

“Carnival children”?

SO many things I could say, but I’ll bite my tongue. Oh yes, dear friends, you know what I mean.  Grab the cotton candy and the kettle corn and watch them go…


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