Note to self…

This afternoon I came back from the optometrist after having those drops that make your eyes all wonky, and apparently I misjudged where the floor was in the office, because I took a headfirst dive into a book case. (No concussion or anything, just a nice gooseegg.)

As I’m lying on the floor in pain, Little Miss comes over and squats down.  “Mom!  MOM! You’re supposed to WALK. You’re not supposed to FALL!!”

Ah yes, the baton of sarcasm passes to yet another generation. My evil mission is accomplished.


11 thoughts on “Note to self…

  1. Oh boy, I always bang into things–one day I was leaving a store and the glass area was sooo clean (as opposed to my house windows) and I banged right into it full speed ahead…. and oh, my head!!

  2. Excuse me while I go laugh.

    (ten minutes of rolling on the floor, laughing myself to tears)

    Just kidding, Other Mom. Sorry about your head and I’m glad you’re ok. That’s so funny, though. I can totally picture her when she said that, too.

    Be careful and work on that not falling thing.

  3. HA HA HA …. no no I mean seriously I hope your noggin gets better .. but on the other side that is pretty darn funny … I guess your oozing sarcasm has rubbed off on one or two of us (or 10 or 20)

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