Hair today, gone tomorrow

Men have it easy.

For the most part, they just get the standard short haircut and they’re done.  Sure, they’ve got to fuss a bit with the front–do they want it punky looking and spiked, or sloping gracefully to the side? (We won’t talk about those combing it over. Definite handicap there.)

(And for those wild hearts who still cultivate that 60s’ hippie look, more power to you.  Clearly that choice carries its own issues.)

Women, on the other hand, have a wider range to choose from, and consequently, a bigger headache. Magazines and media urge us to have long, smooth flowing locks that shine like polished silver and drape perfectly when we flip our hair. A couple of decades ago, we were all supposed to have great Farrah Fawcett layers. A few years later, the fluffy spiral curl, a la Julia Roberts, was all the rage. All these styles, if you believe the media, just magically appear from nowhere on your head and stay like that with just the right kind of shampoo or curler, or…

Well, I’ve been waiting 20 years, and I’ve yet to see that “appear.” Ever.

In my teen years, I did grow my hair long and straight–who didn’t? When I started having children, I realized one thing had to go–them, or the time it took to take care of long hair. After what I’d gone through to birth them, I wasn’t ready to toss the children just yet, so the hair lost.

Instructions to the hairdresser go something like this: I have a hair dryer and a comb and three minutes. Make me look fabulous. So I’ve had some version of this haircut for years, except for a few dedicated “Earth-mother” years in the late 90s when I apparently thought that more hair, and redder hair, was the way to go. (I really need a new photo.)

So imagine my excitement when dear Little Miss took the time, after we got home from vacation, to help me do my hair one morning, and announced, “Mom, you cut your hair gray!”

So my hairdresser got a quick visit, and hair life as we know it is safe again. I envy the male lawyers in court, their easy lives and blue suits topped by that same short shear. I’ll keep working on that simple, incredible ‘do, edging ever closer to the Kojak look. No one ever accused him of being gray. No one would have dared.

10 thoughts on “Hair today, gone tomorrow

  1. ah, hair!! You forgot the Dorothy Hamill craze!! My worst as of yet! I have had long hair for a decade and now it’s shorter (like the photo of yours) and people tell me I look younger! wow! I too envy men in that they don’t have to drop 150 bucks every few months on highlights!!

  2. Actually, I keep my long hair because of the ease of care. When I had short hair, I had to style it and curl it and worry about beauty shop appointments. Ever since I grew it out, I wash it every other day, comb it out, and go. My blowdrier only comes out when we have company who needs one. When it’s time to color, Miss Clairol and I have a chat for about an hour every two to three months. I tend to bun it or ponytail it when it’s in my way, and not even during The Diaper Years did it get in my way. *is v. lucky*

    Husband has long hair too, and he’s gotten razzed about it from time to time, but he stops guys in their tracks with a very simple: “I haven’t cut my hair since 1995. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars in barbershop fees.”

    /thoughts on hair

  3. mine would have been silver-gray at 35. no way i was ready for that. after losing most of my hair in 2000 due to a reaction to medication, it grew in fine and curly. i grew it long just to know i could – and have grown weary of beating it into submission with a flat iron if i don’t want to look like brunhilde after a particularly wild night!

    it’s going to get bobbed. soon. summer’s coming, and i’m tired of fussing with it. suspect i’ll still be whacking it flat, but with less hair, perhaps it will take less time (?)

  4. Great comments, everyone! Every so often, I get the urge to just Let It Go Gray–and then I manage to talk myself out of it in time!!

    (You girls play NICE!!!)

  5. It is not! My hair is perfectly fine so long as I don’t let anyone see me when it’s soaking wet, or allow direct sunlight to hit me from behind or…..
    It’s fine! And I still have more then my ancestors did at my age.

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