Several shades of insanity

Seven beautiful sun-filled days at Disney World sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Leaving 18 inches of snow behind, gradually shedding outerwear and then long sleeves and then…but wait. It’s…below freezing.  In Orlando, Florida. ?!?!?!?!

Well, in the daytimes it’s 50, which is a good 40 degrees better than home. The Disney resort is lovely, as expected–I’ve got to give it to Disney, they tend to the details and go the extra mile. Always. There is free bus and water taxi transportation to all the Disney locations we want to go to, so we save gas. We have a refrigerator in our room, so we can save money on breakfast and snacks each day.

But…below freezing?  What’s up with that?

Never mind! we declare with a brave sense of adventure, and we head off to the parks for seven glorious days. The first day we hit EPCOT early in the morning, faces shining with excitement, and take care of the Guest Assistance business (more on this in another post) and stay till after dark, tired but happy. Then it’s Animal Kingdom, which is open three extra hours that night, and the next day Disney-Hollywood Studios. By this time, we’ve used the pedometer to see we’re walking from 6-10 MILES per day in the parks, and our tails are dragging a bit.  We’re leaving for the park at noon…and coming back by maybe 7 p.m.

As the week progresses, it FINALLY starts to feel like Florida, and Sunday we run errands in the morning, hang at the pool in the afternoon, and then drop the Cabana Boy off at the Greyhound to ride home alone for his new job; we get to the Magic Kingdom about…7?  and stay till midnight.

What?  We still have one more day?  We have to go to the theme park? Again?

So we  hit the high points of the Animal Kingdom, enjoying them with more enthusiasm as the day goes on, resolving that seven days is too many in a row. A seven-day vacation would have been much better served with A) more warmth and B) five days of park tickets and two days of time off to relax at the pool and take little day trips to explore. So noted.

We’re on our way home, stopping to visit M and the grandkids in Pensacola.  We may get to the beach today if the severe weather doesn’t hit; tomorrow, the Naval Air Museum. Then the weekend drive across half the country back to the snow.

The trip has been a good one, full of growing moments and photo opportunities, and over the next week I’ll post a couple of pages about autism and Disney, and how Ditto Boy got a lightsaber fight with Darth Vader on stage.

The good news, of course, is that spring will now come in a month or so, and we’ve seen the promise of sun.  Think spring!


5 thoughts on “Several shades of insanity

  1. Yes, think spring is right. Today was the first real sighting in Massachusetts… But I remember the weather being colder than usual in Florida–that’s a bummer!! I am actually planning a visit with my son and a few other family members in April. so any recommendations on where to stay and other key points!??

  2. Gosh I can so relate to that dragging doing the rounds at Disney. By the time the bus came I was barely hanging on. Loved Animal Kingdom though. It’s the closest I’ll get to a real safari.

    Encountered that wintry weather myself this weekend and gotta say I’ll grab the tropics anyday, but snow is BEAUTIFUL.

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