Heartbeats in tandem

It’s that little catch at the end of the spoken phrase, that choked-up sound that means ‘I’m trying to be all grown-up about things but aren’t you still my mommy? Can’t you fix it and make it better?” Rips your heart out.

This time, it was yesterday, when daughter #2 called. When the phone rang, I was expecting her to say her bus coming back from Toronto was on time and I could pick her up in Erie in just about an hour.

As my fellow writer Rudyard Kipling says, “not so, but far otherwise.”

Instead, she announced that incipient bad weather had scared the Greyhound lines into cancelling all the buses leaving Buffalo, meaning she would have to stay in the bus station some 36 hours till the next ones went out, IF they went out then. All she wanted was to be home safe. But she was stuck.

And there it was, that little catch.

Ripped my heart out. It always does.

Even though most of  my girls have been grown and out of the house for years, when they are injured, when they’ve been hurt by someone, when they are desperate in need of money or their car just quit, or they need doctoring or just a good hug, they call mom. Sometimes  just when they need key lime juice. (But there’s less tears then.)

Yesterday, like always, I did whatever was in my power to make it right. While listening is sometimes enough, leaving a young woman alone in a bus station overnight is not my idea of proper parenting. So I looked outside, studied the interactive map at weather.com, and discovered the Buffalo-Erie corridor was pretty clear. No reason she shouldn’t be picked up.

Of course, the Cabana Boy knows I absolutely hate driving in snow, and with a five hour round-trip staring me in the face, he decides he’s driving. Not because I can’t, but because he’d have too many hours’ repair work on shredded nerves and rock-hard muscles when I got back. And Saturday is his World of Warcraft night, for heaven’s sake.  So we couldn’t risk that.

Therefore, we made an adventure of it and drove up, with the whole fam.  The kids got a Burger King meal and they were tickled. B got a ride back. The Cabana Boy was home in time to don his trusty wizard suit, and I survived on several muscle relaxers and rest area coffee, glad when we pulled in safe and sound. All’s well that ends well.

Until the phone rings again. And there’s just that little noise that lets me know how much a mother’s help is needed.

Charlotte Gray said,”Children and mothers never truly part – Bound in the beating of each other’s heart.”

Isn’t it great?


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