Writing does a body good

I have a sign on my computer that reads: “Getting published: it’s just like milk, except without the milk part.”

(Anyone who recognizes that reference, leave a comment. I mean it.)

If that reference means that getting published is heady, frothy, nutritious, wonderful, refreshing, and ultimately, just what your mother wants for you– well then I’m in!

In additional to a number of small sales I’ve made in recent months, I’m very excited to share this book:

my latest book

my latest book

My story is one of the 50 collected in here, entitled “Under the Big Top,” and it tells the story of how I hosted a graduation party for my daughter and stepdaughter, with two ex-husbands, two ex-wives, several ex-in-laws, a current wife, a current girlfriend, Halloween spiders, a young man with condoms and a watermelon fight. But no blood or death.

The Cup of Comfort series book that came out in November was for Military Families , and I had shared the subject matter with a woman named Julie Whan from our Erie Writing Group. Her son Matthew was doing a tour in Iraq, and she sent in a heart-warming tale that was accepted, too!


So the two of us are setting up joint booksignings around the area, the first on Saturday, Dec. 6 at Tattered Corners, our local store. If you can’t get there, feel free to stop at Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com and check it out!

So that’s exciting, because somehow all the hours spent writing alone in your little garret can be justified with something concrete like this.

That being said, let me also congratulate my friend Nacie Carson on her ebook entitled The Life Uncommon: How to Leave the Rat Race, Pursue Your Passions, and Succeed Financially, and available here.


Carson discusses lifestyle design, and the ability to shape your life based on what is important to you, using time management, business building and visualization techniques to help you get from where others’ expectations have pushed you to where you really want to be.

My sister, Shawna Coronado, whose blog has been in my list for some time, also had a book self-published this fall, entitled Gardening Nude; a Common Sense Guide to Improving Your Health and Lifestyle by Increasing Exposure to Nature, Cultivating a Green Mindset and Building a Strong Community.

shawna's book

Despite the picture on the cover, it is NOT about naked women in the shrubbery, but about how to get yourself healthy by digging down underneath your barriers and really taking care of yourself by getting outside and getting Green.  (Apparently she’s had some interesting inquiries from men in India looking for porn. THIS IS NOT IT.)

So for all of us who are writing–best wishes and break a pencil! For all of us who are reading–you’re the reason writers are here! It’s a happy cycle, and you’re invited onto the carousel!

12 thoughts on “Writing does a body good

  1. Congratulations Sis on a job well done – it’s great to see more of your published work surfacing all the time. Of course, you’re awesome – that explains a lot!

    Keep up the great work and thanks for tootin’ my naked horn. Wait – can I say that on the internet?

    Please post photos of the book signing – it’s the best thing ever to get community support. Knowing that people believe in you is motivation in and of itself.

    I believe in you!!


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