Another day, another what?

How many family members does it take to get water out of a faucet?

None! When the pump for the well bites the big one, you actually have to wait two days for the plumber to come!!

Okay, not so much a riddle, but sadly an accurate depiction of our week so far. We are, however, blessed with other family members in town who generously shared their shower and gallons of water from their taps. Thank you! Water flows again–hurrah! (can’t wait for THAT bill to come.)

But the rest of the news isn’t so dire. We’re settled into the office, and clients are finding it with relative ease. I still need a sign. But my secretary loves it–she’s talking about bringing fuzzy slippers for days when no one’s scheduled.

We met with the Captain’s team, along with our mobile therapists. While we heard things we did not yet know (like how he didn’t like what the teachers said one day and threw his books across the room), we also heard that in science his classmates often latch on to his grasp of things and want to be on his team. Exactly what the principal predicted last year, if he got in the honors class! Love it when a plan comes together.

They also informed us an aide is with him nearly all day, when he’s not in the itinerant support teacher’s class.  We’ve been against having an aide every year, because we want him to be able to do things on his own. But, you know, if it keeps him at the A level, and it’s successful–who are we to argue?  It’s only seventh grade. If he still needs an aide when he’s a junior and senior? Then we can worry.

Little Miss had her appointment put off till next week, as she hasn’t seen the neurologist for over three years. Somehow when he dismissed her with “permanent brain damage”, it didn’t inspire us to see him real often. Sadly he’s the closest doctor (35 vs. 90 miles) who’ll consider prescribing her any ADD meds. So we bite the bullet. We meet with the school folks Friday; the psychologist, however, has been there every step of her five years at school and knows us fairly well, so I doubt there’s any surprises, and we’ll get a good proposal.

Ditto Boy is on his meds again and the teacher is pleased. Yay. Now if he’d just stop eating all the non-food items within reach of his desk, we’d be in good shape.

And I’m behind on my NaNo manuscript! But catching up. (See new word counter in the sidebar below!) Getting ready for two separate family invasions for the holidays and looking forward to the chaos! To infinity and beyond!

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  1. You have something that I do not, and it is a very good thing. “Looking forward to the chaos!” I wish I did. You are lucky, but those around you, I am sure, are luckier!

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