I’m glad to know I’m not out of touch with our community.

Despite the doom-forecasters in the national political scene, we saw justice done this morning in the polls in our county. I arrived to keep an eagle eye on the proceedings just before 6:30 and met three delightful retired ladies, who accommodated myself and the other poll watcher by letting us sit behind the counter with them so we could easily keep track of the incoming voters.

We had lines several times during the day, but no more than a 15 minute wait for any individual. The ladies were courteous and I never saw a trace of any potential racism that I had been warned about. No voter intimidation, no racism in the least. Many students, black, white and Asian all voted peacefully, and those who had never voted before were particularly pleased to put the “I voted” sticker on their jackets!

I’m curious where the information came from that stimulated the need for legally-trained poll watchers; perhaps from the students themselves, as I noticed even when I left there was an 800-number posted outside for those who felt they’d been discriminated against to call. I don’t know if anyone called. There were very few questions about whether someone could vote, and most were handled with a call to the courthouse to verify someone wasn’t just in the wrong polling place, and then a provisional ballot. So everyone got to vote.

All this goes to reassure me that I am not reading my community wrong at all. This is still small-town America (not necessarily the “real” America, but certainly the kind of community that we all think people should live in–fair, caring and good-natured), and we have good people here. We have our disagreements, but when it comes to loving this country and the right to express opinions through the vote, at least, we do the right thing.

Thank you to all those who provided information about the University of Pitt campus and student body. I’m pleased to see they in fact live up to their promises, and I hope those who have the wrong idea about our folk get educated, like I did.

Now I’m just hoping that, since I got up at 4:45 a.m. to get to the polls on time, that I can stay up late enough to see the results.  If you haven’t voted yet, GO VOTE!!!

6 thoughts on “Vindicated!

  1. encouraging! my niece’s husband was turned away in cincinnati. they informed him that since he hadn’t voted for four years, he was ineliable. he provided his voter registration card to no avail. they didn’t offer a provisional ballot, and told him to go home… board of elections will hear about it. hope it doesn’t come down to one vote either way in ohio!

  2. Technically, this should be called, “Titusville Vindicated”.
    But I won’t quibble, it’s close enough for an apology….

  3. I found this web blog by accident and have been back to read only twice maybe 3 times. When I read something about Pitt it caught my eye, as I am married to someone that works there.

    I really like this and I quote: Technically, this should be called, “Titusville Vindicated”.

    However, I am thinking, our country has been now Vindicated. New hope, new direction, new ideas, and new respect.

    I pray the world will forgive us for the leaders of the last 8 years, and join us, not only in our country’s new direction, but in a new global direction as well.

  4. I think it just goes to show how much distrust we have all had for awhile now, seeing what happened in 2000 with the Bush-Gore debacle and what happened in Ohio in 2004– there was no reason to think this kind of thing wouldn’t happen. (And apparently did, if Daisyfae is right–shame on them!!)

    I was skeptical to think it could happen here, instead of Philly or Pittsburgh, and I’m just glad I was proven right. NewHope, I think you have the right angle on this whole process: looking forward, maybe everything will be more trustworthy and less desperate. Here’s to playing above board and being fair.

  5. I feel like we are an underground “cult” gone above ground. Just today someone said “It’s so good to see an Obama bumper sticker in Camas, there aren’t that many” – I never heard that BEFORE the election! And I feel like we are less likely to whisper our excitement and joy.

    Its so hard to read people; I wore an Obama button yesterday and the clerk at Safeway said “Have a good day” as she does to everyone and I said “I sure hope so” and she gave me what I THOUGHT was a subversive smile!!

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