Waiting, Take Two

Everything is in flux again, which of course means Momma is not a happy camper.

Most urgent is the impending office move, and the resulting house chaos as we clean and sort and put away things that have taken up that space previously for years. The new window is lovely! The new walls also smooth and painted, thanks to the Cabana Boy’s efforts–and also insulated for the first time so maybe it will be warmer this winter! The new rugs and curtains have arrived but are piled awaiting furniture movement.

We’re also awaiting the results of Little Miss’s school psychological evaluation, which began yesterday and is expected to take a couple of weeks as the psychologist (who’s watched her for four years, and knows her patience) tests her in bits she can tolerate. Ditto Boy is also undergoing auditory processing testing– not the kind at the local hospital where they deal with him for half an hour and say, “Oh, he can hear fine,” but the kind at the specialty Barber Center in Erie where he goes for six hours over three weeks and they thoroughly assess him. We get those results next week. And meantime, the rounds of TSS and mobile therapy have begun, further clogging my schedule with time that is now unavailable while we wait for therapy to proceed.

(In other news, the Captain is having a MARVELOUS year at junior high–he’s a straight A student, even in the honors classes, and his behavior hasn’t caused a fuss once.  Who knew???)

We’re waiting for all the children to make their final holiday arrangements for visits. It seems like we’ll have a houseful, and that’s great! We’re waiting for this election to be OVER before I have to toss the television out the window if I see one more commercial designed for the median stupidity voter level.

Lastly, I’m waiting for November and NaNoWriMo. The edit of the urban fantasy is going very well, and I think I’ll finish in time to get some queries sent out before November. This Saturday a bunch of the area NaNoWriMites are having a meet-up at a local Borders, and that will help spur on some enthusiasm. I recruited my sister to November madness, too, so she has her own NaNo page set up and the beginnings of her first novel’s plot with a single mom, university faculty politics and danger.

I should also get my check and authors’ copies of my first Cup of Comfort book (yay!) soon. Nice to see one’s work in print, I must say. In preparation, I’ve shared my work around at several blogs this week; come see mine and other’s writers pearls of wisdom at the October Scribes blog, at the Creative Carnival, at Modern Families and at Rants and Reviews. Come by and check it out!

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